College Essay About a Hero: by Alisa Skinner

I've always looked up to my father and have admired him. His strength and wisdom were admired not only by me, but also those around him. He's one who stands firm in what he believes. After this past year my love and admiration for him has grown. My father is the most heroic man I know by the strength and courage shown by him through the tragedy he is facing.

During the past year my father has gone in and out of the hospital because of his illness with major depression. The result of this has caused his business to fail. The business that he built himself and made the most successful in New England. Around Christmas time last year he started having flashbacks of treacherous acts his parents did to him and his brothers and sister. As a child his parents physically and sexually abused him. Because of these horrifying scenes he could no longer work from the shock of what had occurred.

When I think of a hero, I think of a survivor. One who has overcome many obstacles in life. A hero is also good-natured and well-liked. A hero has courage and amazing strength. I am amazed at my father's strength to handle what he has gone through and turn out so well. He is a hero to make good of what he came from and turn his life around. He was a hero to survive the treacherous battle that went on between him and his parents as a child.

by Alisa Skinner